Devil Is In The Details

Photographed by me

Tell Me Your Secrets And I Will Tell You Mine, 2019

Final Major Project/ Degree Show Piece

Pei-Chi’s MA final major project,“Tell me your secrets and I will tell you mine”, she is interested in how people piled up their own space with style and the stories behind it.

She takes random shapes from those places we would never pay attention to it, those stuff that are personal, highly familiar or utterly disregarded. She removes them from their conventional context, placing them into entirely new settings and changing what they have become entirely. In order to make people spotlight the beauty of banal and start seeing their daily life in different ways. 

As well as taking structure reference from furniture as a metaphor, playing with the idea of “To hide/ to reveal”, making kinetic sculptures that creates unexpected movement within the environment.

The milestone of the relationship is the moment when you start sharing secrets, so does your life. She believes when you start appreciating what is around you, they will give you feedback too.

More about this project.

Pei-Chi also did a series of illustration as a practice to make people spotlight the beauty of banal. Using those shapes as vocabulary, re-compositing what's around you and putting them into a totally different context. In order to make people seeing their daily life in different ways!